Learning Services

Communication problems waste time and money. As a result, people are unhappy. How much does inefficient communication cost your business every year? Improving Communications UK has the answer.

Business Writing and Public Speaking courses help attendees to deliver information to others clearly in ways that they can understand. Customer Service learning sessions encourage delegates the exceed customers’ wants and needs, which leads to long-term client relationships. Leadership development allows attendees to focus on the character and example required to motivate optimal employee performance. Strategically-appropriate Staff Development learning services increase skills and increase employee loyalty. Having a dynamic and engaging Speaker for your comany events can inspire peopleto give their best every day.

Communication Skills Development means an increase in your company’s:

  • Perceived credibility,
  • Productivity,
  • Accuracy,
  • Efficient use of time,
  • Potential for profit,
  • Morale, and
  • Respect

Speakers’ Bureau

  • Achieving Goals
  • Assertiveness
  • Brand Building
  • Diversity and Unity
  • Emotional Intelligence To Build Relationships
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Internal and External Customer Service Principles 
  • Leadership Communication Essentials
  • Maximising Efficiency with Productivity Styles
  • Networking Principles
  • Performance Management
  • Positivity in Communication
  • Powerful Praise to Motivate
  • Stress Reduction
  • The Power of Attitude
  • UB4me – Team Versus Self