The Process

Improving Communications provides top-quality onsite learning for your organisation. In an appropriate development setting, our instructors come to your place of business and work with your staff to broaden their skills and capacity. Learning in multiple sessions, over time, ensures better retention. Amount of information divided over time equals better absorption and applicability for delegates.

Results You Can Expect

Improving Communications makes sure that your internal and external communications are more effective than they were before. Because of this, your organisation grows more positively in credibility and authoritativeness, efficiency, morale, attendance, and engagement

Improving Communications’ Values

  • Your time – our learning and development programmes are offered onsite at your place of business.
  • Your company’s need for the right answer – we customise sessions and workshops to meet specific organisational needs.
  • Your staff’s diversity – we customise sessions and workshops to meet a wide array of needs and learning/productivity styles.
  • Your (and our) desire to have the best – nothing less than excellence will do.
  • Your need to see positive results quickly, and you will.

The Improving Communications Approach

Improving Communications focuses only on what you need.

First, we collaborate to find out what significant problems need to be addressed. We want to know how you would like to see things be positively different–what sort of changes you want to see.

A development programme is designed, discussed, amended, and approved.

Improving Communications brings the programme to your staff.

Then, we follow-up to discover its effectiveness and reinforce how the new skills are being used. We also uncover new ways to apply the learning to make sure that it stays with the delegates. You will see issues addressed and resolved.

What makes Improving Communications unique?

Our instructors make the process enjoyable, so delegates can be relaxed and have fun while learning. Look at the testimonials to discover what clients say about the positive results they’re seeing. Our experience and expertise ensure that our clients achieve their objectives.