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Customer Service Training

A Customer Service focus starts with UB4me. It means placing the needs of others ahead of our own. 

Through our meticulously designed customer service training courses, we empower individuals and organisations to embody the essence of UB4me. Our comprehensive customer service training courses delve deep into the intricacies of this principle, equipping participants with the tools, techniques, and insights required to consistently exceed expectations. Our customer service training course goes beyond the conventional, fostering an environment where understanding, empathy, and active listening are the cornerstones of service excellence.

Improving Customer Service

an eight-hour learning session for up to 20 delegates

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Meeting customers’ needs is basic customer service. Exceeding (going above and beyond) those expectations is Excellent Customer Service.

First, providers must address the customer emotionally. This shows that they understand the person who has had a problem with service. Then, they satisfy the customer’s needs (the “logical solution”). This approach helps to deepen the business relationships we have with our customers. As a result, we stand a better chance of gaining repeat business due to customer satisfaction and referral. Better Customer Service translates into greater job satisfaction for providers, and more external customer happiness with your business.
Delegates will be able to:

  • Focus on others projecting a UB4me, customer-first mindset;
  • Show customers respect by acknowledging, and offering control by giving options;
  • Understand customer fears and develop better emotional intelligence in managing responses and interactions;
  • Increase listening skills to show respect and add to rapport;
  • Increase credibility by being clear and concise;
  • Diplomatically turn negative messages into positive communication (make it a “yes”); and
  • Create phone and email templates to respond appropriately and effectively to customer concerns.

Improving Internal Customer Service

an eight-hour learning session for up to 20 delegates

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Internal Customers are the people you depend on, and whom depend on you, to get their work completed. That means that as co-workers, we provide service to those people we work with and near. In the Internal Customer Service session, attendees describe the value that each position around the table brings to the people and the organisation, which affects how they view themselves and others.

A key focus here is how to communicate value and begin to develop more of workplace that thrives positively on the Power of Praise as a motivator. We create a master list of speech and behavior that supports the best Internal Customer Service at all organisational levels.

Before the start of the learning session, delegates complete the Building Excellence (BE) Survey, to gain greater insight into how each person is uniquely productive. This inventory gives people an accurate picture of their productivity preferences (strengths) so that they can maximise their contributions to the team. The BE is quite useful in assessing  and advocating for unique productivity needs and preferences, as well as increasing individual accountability and responsibility.

Delegates will be able to:

  • Use the Building Excellence Assessment to increase productivity and maximise performance;
  • Learn more about diversity of Productivity Styles and use them for organisational advantage;
  • Define company Internal Customer Service principles to ensure positivity and aligned goals; and
  • Develop deeper awareness of how communication impacts all people, pointing toward a culture of increased respect.

Improving Customer Service for Professional Offices

an eight-hour learning session for up to 20 delegates

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The front-line staff is “the face” of almost every business that has walk-in traffic. Public perception of most organisations is based on how that walk-in (or call-in) customer is treated–from beginning to end. Your visitors base their reviews of the business, as well as their referrals, on how they are treated as customers.

The goal of the Improving Customer Service for Professional Offices class is for delegates to make their best first impression to customers and to be perceived as experts because of their confident communication ability.

Delegates will be able to:

  • Use emotional intelligence and professionalism in communication to collect accurate data and appropriately route service requests,
  • Answering questions diplomatically to educate customers and solve problems,
  • Use follow up as a customer satisfaction measurement as well as a marketing tool to generate repeat business, and
  • Define and implement best practises with others in the session to provide the best service for all.

Customer Service Audit

a customised, business-specific evaluation and intervention plan

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Do you want to Improve Customer Service? Improving Communications can provide your company with a complete Customer Service Audit that describes customer experiences when doing business with your company. You will receive a detailed feedback report that includes definite suggestions for ways to improve  the way your organisation treats its clients. Here is a chance for your organisation to have a “mystery shopper” and learn more about how the customer is treated.

For the Customer Service Audit, you will receive written description of the experience(s) from beginning to end, whether its through visits or other kinds of transactions. We work with you to decide the ideal future state of customer service treatment. With that, we work with your team and you to assemble and deliver a learning programme that brings your staff to (and beyond) the desired level.

Collected data and report content focuses on these experiences (and more):

  • Booking/setting appointments;
  • Onsite visits (entrance, exit) that detail staff interactions, as well as overall appearance of the facility;
  • Buying (the product or service) and describing how easy or difficult the process is; and
  • Staff and customer interviews that include other views on what is effective and ineffective for the customers and business.

To ensure information integrity, Improving Communications will use multiple mystery shoppers over a number of visits.

By embracing this customer-first mindset, honed through our transformative customer service courses, individuals and teams elevate their ability to deliver precisely what people want, need, and expect. Our customer service training courses facilitate the development of skills that bridge the gap between mere transactions and meaningful interactions. Participants learn how to anticipate needs, navigate challenges, and convert every customer touchpoint into an opportunity for positive engagement.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to refine your approach or an organisation aiming to instil a culture of customer-centricity, our customer service training courses are tailored to meet your unique requirements. At Improving Communications UK, we’re not just imparting knowledge; we’re fostering a customer service revolution that amplifies the impact of UB4me in the business landscape. Elevate your customer service strategy with our unparalleled customer service training, and witness the transformation as you seamlessly deliver unparalleled value that sets you apart from the competition.