John Epstein

In 2000, John Epstein found his life passion when he volunteered as an assistant in a presentation skills training class in which he was once a participant. A senior facilitator advised him to become a learning facilitator for the organization, and the certification process began.

Over the next several years John conducted six 12-week courses, and the participant evaluations consistently exceeded global benchmarks. His expertise and passion for helping others led the company’s managers to ask John to be a coach and mentor to a number of junior instructors.

John’s extensive business-to-business sales experience and certification as a trainer opened the door to Nielsen in 2006. He became Director of Internal Learning & Development, and worked closely with the client-facing associates in Nielsen’s US Media business – facilitating sales, negotiation and presentation skills classes, speaking at sales conferences, conducting needs analyses and developing learning curricula, among other duties.

The scope of Epstein’s activities reached a global group of colleagues and internal stakeholders across the breadth of Nielsen’s portfolio. In 2014, John conducted a train-the-trainer in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, certifying senior leaders from over 20 countries to facilitate the sales and negotiation programs that he wrote and developed. To date, this network of trainers has had over 1,000 client-facing associates participate in their classes.

In 2015, John took his love for running learning programs and formed Actionable Learning Corp., providing contract facilitation services focused on consultative sales, negotiation and presentation skills. John Epstein is a member of ATD and Toastmasters International. He lives outside of New York City with his wife and two children.

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